About Us

Cerco21’s team is comprised by two Portuguese engineers, Mário and Pedro.

They have 12 years of professional experience in engineering coped with 9 years experience in historical re-enactment.  

After sword-fighting their way across countless medieval fairs, roman events (and even Napoleonic recreations) and daubing as armourers and artisans making and repairing their own gear, shields and weapons, (as well as that of their fellow re-enactors - amazing how hard it is to get good squires these days) they realised that “you couldn’t get a decent siege-engines anywhere”. Not even on the Internet.
So, the team embarked on the course of building machines that Discworld’s Leonardo de Quirm would name "Devices-for-accelerating-projectiles-by-means-of-twisted-rope-skeins”.

Bringing a full 21st Century engineering approach to its design and constructions proved to be a most interesting activity and resulted on the machines that you can see on this site. Being kind and open hearted people (and, some might say, with an eye for business), they decided that it was a good idea to make their creations and expertise available to the masses. And here they are, for your convenience.

Some might say it’s not a politically correct activity at this time and age, but they don’t care. Hey, some people eat snails. (In summer time with a cold beer so do we).

Both of them are geeks to the bone: from playing RPG games (geekness supreme - we played Rolemaster), Warhammer 40K, FPS, to liking Star War and Star Trek, to having strong opinions on the fact that Josh Whedon’s “Firefly” was cancelled, they daub in techno-babble and think that siege-engines are a wonderful exercise in physics, math and geometry.
They are, of course, functional geeks, in the sense that they have serious (to the point people actually consult with them and value their technical opinon) not-so-tedious engineering jobs, have spouses that look kindly upon theirs hobbies and even (in one case) kids. And yes, they are able to stand their ground in a Viking shield-wall (if needed be) as well as discuss linear momentum or Stoke’s Law.

They welcome you to their internet site and wish you to Live Long and Prosper.

Or that the may be you with you. Whatever you prefer...