We can provide living history animations in Castles and Palaces, showing to the public the daily living of the Knights and Men at Arms responsible for the use and operation of the siege engines. We provide the best possible historical accuracy both in gear and in action display.

One of our strong suits is the educational side, and we are fluent in both period history, mathematics and physics. Our experience tells us that the history side is well accepted by all age groups and social makeovers. The more complex workings of the siege engines is very well accepted by science students as well as a more specific target audience of technical interested people.


Siege Engines

Siege Routine

Educational Display

Target Shooting

Medieval Daily Living


Assembly - We offer pre-assembly of our siege engines which means the assembly of the "head" and the pre-tensioning of the rope bundles. Also it includes the pre assembly of the stand, on the three transportable parts.