Terms and Conditions

- We supply what we think are the best, safest and more rugged siege weapons available for the weekend warrior, however due to the inherent anisotropic nature of wood there will be slight variations in the wood grain. There can be minute flaws and deviation from the pattern. None of this compromises safety or ease of use. All engines are sold as is, and although we assure de mechanical good function of the engine we cannot be responsible for poor care that will afect the proper function of the engine.

- Our siege engines are made for all those with a keen interest in History and Physics, they are however powerfull siege engines that must be used within the material limits they were designed and intended for. We provided an exaustive manual of operation that encompasses all you'll need to know to operate and maintain you siege engine. However it is not final, and clearly cannot refer to all possible situations, therefore we urge you to use you common sense. If it feels wrong or dangerous, it probably is.

Production and Delivery


- Production Time takes between 4 to 6 weeks for unassembled models. If you require pre-assembly it will take around another week.

- Pre-assembly means the complete assembly of the "Head" including the pre-tensioning of the spring coils, also includes the assembly of the stand (in the form of the 3 permanent parts).



- Delivery takes between 5 to 10 day in the EU and up to 4 weeks outside the EU.

- Upon completion of your order, we will issue a shipping statment with a tracking number and the carrier tracking page where you can follow up you order.